Thursday, April 19, 2012

Paper Crown

I read the May Issue of Glamour earlier this week and of course, the lovely Lauren Conrad was on front. I have always been fond of her soft, romantic style but as I read her interview I realized how established this 26 year old woman has become. With her numerous books, websites, and three clothing lines this girl has got to be busy!

Lauren happened to have a book signing down the street from where I work, so I stopped in to meet her last night. She was very sweet and had the cutest bubble skirt on! I am now wishing I had asked who made it however chances are it is from one of her own collections. I have to find it!

I recently discovered a relatively new line of hers called Paper Crown. Paper Crown is a bit more upscale than her Kohl's line but as I peaked through the site I found some gorgeous pieces! I love that she has stayed so true to her own soft, romantic, style in this collection and I love that this 26 year old has built such an amazing conglomerate of businesses for herself! A business woman I can aspire to be like someday. Some of my favorite pieces from the Paper Crown Spring Look Book below!

All images via Paper Crown

Check out her entire website here



  1. So happy to know she has another clothing line! I love the third look with the shorts.

    That's pretty awesome that you had the chance to meet her! I'm definitely jealous :)

  2. It was fun! I drug my friend along with me and we had a great time! Lauren seemed really sweet:)

  3. I love her style! I'm also a closet fan of her LA Candy series ;-) even though I'm 12 years passed the recommended reading age. So although it seemed you were dragging me along, I was secretly wishing I could go!

  4. Bille-
    Ha! I think I might start my freshly signed book this evening! I might get hooked as well!