Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Every Girl

Today on this Thoughtful Thursday, I would like to share with you a wonderful online resource for women everywhere.The site is called The Every Girl and it offers a wide variety of information from financial advice to job postings.

The site was created by two Chicago based women, which I love since I am a fellow Chicago lady myself. The two of them had a great idea and most importantly, the courage to actually follow through with it and turn it into this amazing site! I not only idolize the two ladies who established The Every Girl, but I am also loving the content they choose to share.

Being a young women attempting to build my own business, I am personally drawn to the "career" features. In this section, The Every Girl interviews women who have started their own businesses and share their stories of building their businesses from the ground up.Check out the latest "career" feature here. I find it to be incredibly encouraging and inspiring. So if you are looking for a little a pick me up today or even some entrepreneurial advice, I am certain you will find both of them here at The Every Girl.

Happy Thursday, and Go Cubs!

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