Tuesday, January 29, 2013

California Love

Hey guys! How was the weekend? Our weekend away was great, and my packing was actually a success! I will admit that I did stop by BCBG for a few things...60% off was way too tempting to not! The weather was unfortunately not as nice as we had hoped, however didn't let that ruin our fun. We did get one afternoon of sunshine that was spent on our friends balcony with live music and cocktails...

As you can see it did end up raining a fair amount of time, so what else is there to do but have a few afternoon cocktails! Have you ever had a Moscow Mule? Pure deliciousness! If you are in San Diego be sure to stop by The Salt Box for one of these babies...

There is a place in La Jolla called seal beach. Tons of seals hang out there, generally soaking up the sun. I love watching them, especially when there are a few baby seals in the mix. SO cute!
I am always a bit sad to leave this place and can't help looking forward to our next visit! I will say though, that it is good to be home and back in the swing of things. Hope the start of your week has been well to you!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A California Weekend...

Tomorrow night, I am heading out to one of my favorite places...Southern California! As much as I am looking forward to going, my dreaded task of packing is still upon me. I have done a couple preliminary rounds already so it should be better than usual. I am however, attempting something I've never done before...Packing light with just my tote bag and a small carry on. (Fingers crossed!) I find that with the lack of planning that is usually done, I end up with a big bag full of clothes that can't be worn with anything! Can you relate? Here are a few things that I am bringing that I think will allow for a successful pack!
I'm finding that a one piece ensemble is a great way to minimize on your packing (not sure why I've never thought of this?!) so I will be including one long sleeve maxi dress that can be worn with the ONE black jacket I will be bringing. I also plan on packing a little one piece jumpsuit that can be paired with that same jacket (A good dinner outfit). Throwing a couple basic bottoms with a few tops, and scarves that can be layered (for daytime). A pair of heels, plus a pair of comfy booties and I think I am set? I will let you know how I do!
Hope the week is going well for all of you!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Trending...The Long Sweater

Happy New Year, guys! Hope the first week of the New Year has treated you well! As I have mentioned, the new year does seem to bring a sense of fresh starts and new beginnings which I love - however for me personally, the new year also brings cold, Chicago winters! Lets just say I have grown very fond of cozy sweaters and in particular, cute long cardigans...

And when the weather gets warmer, (which is suppose to this weekend?!?) I totally plan on using one of these pretties as a little grab and go coat. What do you guys think of an overly long sweater/cardi?