Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A California Weekend...

Tomorrow night, I am heading out to one of my favorite places...Southern California! As much as I am looking forward to going, my dreaded task of packing is still upon me. I have done a couple preliminary rounds already so it should be better than usual. I am however, attempting something I've never done before...Packing light with just my tote bag and a small carry on. (Fingers crossed!) I find that with the lack of planning that is usually done, I end up with a big bag full of clothes that can't be worn with anything! Can you relate? Here are a few things that I am bringing that I think will allow for a successful pack!
I'm finding that a one piece ensemble is a great way to minimize on your packing (not sure why I've never thought of this?!) so I will be including one long sleeve maxi dress that can be worn with the ONE black jacket I will be bringing. I also plan on packing a little one piece jumpsuit that can be paired with that same jacket (A good dinner outfit). Throwing a couple basic bottoms with a few tops, and scarves that can be layered (for daytime). A pair of heels, plus a pair of comfy booties and I think I am set? I will let you know how I do!
Hope the week is going well for all of you!

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  1. Hopefully your packing was a success! The inspiration board is too cute, I'm sure you did great.

    Leopard and Lavender