Tuesday, August 21, 2012


If you guys are anything like me, you probably have numerous items in your closet that are sitting there with the tags still on them. Or maybe you simply have things you no longer will wear but aren't quite ready to send them to Goodwill. I have a solution for you. It's called Threadflip. If am the last person on earth to know of this site than I apologize, however when I recently stumbled upon it, I could not get over how smart it is.

Here is how it works. You sign up and are basically given your own "shop" where you upload the pieces you are wanting to sell. Clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories included. You then price the item at whatever you feel is appropriate, they do take a small percentage, however it does not cost anything to post your pieces. Once something is sold, Threadflip sends you a box for the piece, which you when send back to them. They handle the actually shipping to the buyer.

Another option is to "flip" things with other "shops" which is kind of fun! In my opinion, they have done a great job at creating the idea to be more than just a site, but more of an interactive community, where you can actually "follow"other shops to be certain you don't miss out on any newly uploaded items. I just signed up, now all I have to do is clean my closet and figure out what I want to sell! Here are some items I am currently swooning over...

Ark and Co Dress
Chaiken Jacket
This simple, vintage black dress. Would love this with a pair of black tights and boots for the fall...
I am a sucker for all things polka dot!
Rebecca Minkoff Bag
Hope the day is going well!



  1. Love this, Morgy! Definitely going to check it out! Check out my post today - KIND of similar...or at least in the same category! It's a high-end consignment website, and it's awesome - you'd love it! Hope you guys are doing well - thinking of Ari!


    1. Thanks, Brookie! I will totally check it out. And thank you for thinking of R. She is feeling a little better. One more week until you are a mama! So crazy! Can't wait to see her:)