Monday, August 27, 2012

Embracing the last week of summer...

Happy Monday, friends! I hope the weekend was wonderful!We had a great time back at home, however I think our pup had the best time out of anyone swimming in the pond, and running around my parents acreage. She is feeling much better! Such a relief!

Last night, on our drive back home, I noticed the sun going down much earlier than it has been. Every year this seems to be my little reminder that summer is coming to an end. With Labor Day upon us and the summer winding down we should...

Enjoy the warm evenings and do something fun outdoors! An outdoor movie? Yes, please!

Embrace our little summer skirts and dresses...

Make time for a few trips to the beach...
Take a second to admire the pretty flowers and greenery(at least those of us in the midwest)

What are some things you guys are hoping to squeeze in before the weather starts to cool down?

Have a great week!



  1. Love the idea of outdoor movies! :)

  2. Love the idia of outdoor movies, sounds so much fun, and wearing summer skirts is just perfect!Love the pictures dear!