Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Words of the Year

My Jem of the day happened this morning while listening to the radio on my return from Whole Foods. I heard something that caught my attention. They were discussing what one word they would use to describe their hopes for the new year. This got me thinking about what my own one word or two, would be for myself this year...

I am in an interesting point in life. I graduated from Columbia Chicago this past summer majoring in marketing communication. Last week I stopped working at what I thought would be my dream job in the fashion industry, really it was a nightmare, and am once again in the middle of the dreaded job search(idealling I'd love to make JEM Designs my full time career.) With all this said, I am able to think of quite a few words that I would want to use to describe my new year.

A word that has been on my mind for a while now is "CONSISTENCY." It is kind of a strange word since its coming from one of the world's most impulsive people. But between finishing school,trying to establish a career,(which in itself is incredibly inconsistent) moving to the suburbs with boyfriend and golden retriever(they are the absolute best)and making a new group of wonderful friends, my life this past year has pretty much been an ongoing path of new experiences and situations. Don't get me wrong, I feel very blessed,I am just hoping for a little more of a routine for myself this year.Some of these things being the simple things in life. I can think of a million. For example, being consistent with something as silly as my laundry, being consistent with working out, being consistent in my spiritual journey. Things that should be everyday occurances, but up to this point have been rather inconsistent.

"CREATE" is another word I hope is used and shown through out the next year. Creating new opportunities, creating change, creating deeper relationships with people, creating new recipes in my kitchen, and creating beautiful things on my sewing machine, just to mention a few. I have high hopes and aspirations for this year, and because of that I very much look forward to what the new year will bring. Below is an inspiration board to reflect back on when I find myself needing a little helpful reminder. What are your words yourself this year?

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