Monday, January 30, 2012

L.A. Bound

I have spent the last week in the inviting, Southern California. I wrote while I was there but didn't get the chance to post. The next couple days will be my experiences while I was there...

I am on a train from San Diego, making my way up to visit a dear friend. I have spent the last few days in the gorgeous village of La Jolla visiting a friend and decided I would avoid the dreadful L.A. traffic and take the train. There is something charming about the train. I love that they are kind of a thing of the past and I love that the stations are generally unchanged from how they were years ago.

The views from my window are lovely. The train goes straight up highway 1, which means all I have to do is look to my left and the ocean is right there. Another little jem of taking the train is the constant weaving in and out of numerous little beach towns along the way. Once again, I am inspired by the way of life in these beach towns. People are out jogging along the beach, there are early morning surfers, and moms enjoying a walk with their babes. It's a wonderful way of life. Reminds me a little bit of Chicago by the lake in the summer(minus the surfing and palm trees.) More to come from L.A.!

San Diego Train Station

View from my window

The picture doesn't do it justice. Santa Ana Train Station

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