Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Simple Life

I am now home from my quick jem of a journey to Marfa, Texas. After visiting, I have decided that I want to live a life similar to the people of this town. A simipliar, more purposeful life. Based on what I saw and experienced, it seemed as though people were genuinly happy there. Many have moved to Marfa to do what they love and feel passionate towards, which in my opinion is a very rare lifestyle to come across.

For example, there is a local clothing designer who has her little shop right downtown.The store includes her own handmade clothing, fun accessrories, and her sewing machine. She mentioned living just a couple a blocks away from her store which got me thinking about how most of her days probably unfold. I would imagine she wakes up in the morning, walks the couple blocks to the store and is excited about the day because she knows that she is going to being doing what she loves. It seemed like a similar siutation for the local boot maker, the owners of the galleries, and the talented furniture maker in town. They know what they enjoy doing, and they have figured out a lifestyle that allows them to do what they love every single day. This is something I strive for. I strive to brake out of the norm and the expected and do what I truly feel passionate towards. Life is short, we should all be doing what we love!

A few snapshots from yesterday...

Prada in Marfa, TX? Not really. The doors are locked from the inside out and is displayed as piece of art versus a functioning Prada store. Not to mention that it is located literally in the middle of no where.This in itself pretty much sums up this place. Completely out of the box, and a little bazarre...right up my alley.

 Inside of "Prada"

Directly across from Prada

The view from the back of the "store"

The gorgeous court house in downtown Marfa

The view from our afternoon hang out spot... our hotel balcony

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