Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Marfa Lovin'

The past couple days have been quite an experience. I have had the great opportunity of joining one of my dearest friends to visit there soon to be second home, in the quirky Marfa, Texas. This town is unlike any other place I have ever been. The landscape and scenery is in a category of its own and I mentioned numerous times that I felt as though I was in the middle of a John Wayne movie, waiting for the cowboys to come by on their horses.

And the amount of free spirit, creativity,and uniqueness of Marfa are like none other. It is a very creative, art inspired community. Artists from around the country come here to check out the town and local art galleries. I must say, I have had an amazing time! 

Yesterday consisted of a coffee in the charming and unusual coffee shop, Frama, that uses scrabble chips for their drink menu, and a vintage trunk full of little treasures you can grab for free. All of this being directly attached to the town laundry mat. Such a funny combination. See below. 

The day was then followed by a yummy lunch at the local food truck, and a random round of golf to fully embrace the gorgeous day. My first day experiencing Marfa was finished off with a very full glass of wine at the dive bar downtown, which I have to point out, had a few stunning, unexpected chandeliers as decor.  Everything about this place is unexpected, different, and free of judgement. It is a breath of fresh air and I am enjoying my time here very much. Marfa day two, tomorrow!

Loving this table at the coffee shop!

Every washer/dryer at the laundry mat is named...Meet Bert!

The theater

A wonderful organic market where we picked up a nice bottle of wine


The Marfa Country Club:)


 Until tomorrow...

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