Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lea's Design Trends:Spring Edition

As I have mentioned before, I am no interior design expert! So I would like to introduce to you my go to interior design girl, Lea!

Lea is a wonderful interior designer with an amazing eye for art and design. She will be here at
The Jem Journal on a weekly basis, sharing all of her lovely insights and inspirations. It's incredible how closely related the design and fashion world are and Miss Lea will be incorporating them both for our own personal enjoyment, which I am beyond excited about!

And please, don't be shy! If you have any interior design questions for Lea, do not hesitate to ask. She would be more than happy to answer them.

Without further ado, here is Lea with some gorgeous spring design trends!

There are some heavy hitters in the Spring color trends, in fashion, as well as in Design! Color has never been so bold and bright and we are loving it! Gone are the days of "shades of dirt". So say hello to energetic, lively, bold and beautiful!

The most evident new trend is Color Blocks; the mixing of crayon bright solids with ghost white and black. Throw in dots, florals, and large geometric prints, stir and Enjoy!

Lea Placek-Interior Designer

Benjamin Moore's Interior Color Pulse

A well appointed room incorporating this seasons hottest colors 
"Spring" created by Kojovic on Olioboard

Fashion Forward...

Global Bizarre toss pillows to add the perfect punch to any space

Color Trends in Art

Oh So very Berry!


  1. The color revival is gorgeous! How long will an interior trend say chic? What happens if I re- design my entire living room then the trends return to shades of dirt in 6 months?
    Love this blog! Thanks for all the great advice :-)

    1. Great questions! I would say that each trend has it's own unique "shelf life", depending on how well received it truly is in the design world. My feelings on trends in Interior Design are a little more conservative than my sentiment on fashion trends. It is a lot more expensive to re-do your entire living room to escape a tired trend than to change out a couple handbags or bright red skinny jeans :)
      However, I absolutely feel that you should embrace a trend if you love it! Chances are you will always love it (in some respect) If you invest in a few neutral key pieces (creams, whites, grey, and browns for your major players in the room (sofa, sectional, etc) then embrace the trends with the pillows, the rug , and the accessories. This way when the next trend comes along that you absolutely can't live without, you only have to replace the less expensive items!

  2. Thanks for the great advice! I might just start with some cushion covers and a lamp shade until I get brave ;-)