Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Boutique of the Week: Of a Kind

As I have mentioned before, I am someone who enjoys making as well as purchasing pieces that are original and not available to the masses and this weeks boutique of the week does just that. The online store is called Of a Kind and it features a new artist and item every week. The quantity of the items they offer are minimal, ranging anywhere from 5 to 50 of each piece. They do a great job making the shopping experience interactive by sharing stories and inspiration boards from each featured artist. Check out the site here

To reassure that you are getting something special each item comes with a certificate of authenticity that is signed and numbered by the artist. They offer a diverse selection of merchandise including clothing, scarves, jewelry, and tote bags just to name a few. Here are a few items that are being featured this week that I am loving!

Truckin' Tank by Lauren Moffatt

Catch All Tote by Lina Rennell
Petra Hand Painted Tie by Partner and Spade

Nude Necklace by Iacoli and McCallister

Pillow by Dusen and Dusen
I am passionate about supporting businesses that support other indie artists and I think this online shop does a wonderful job doing this. There are constantly new items available and new artist stories being shared. I know it will not be long before all of you love this site as much as I do!

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  1. Really enjoying the boutique of the week!
    I don't know if you're open to suggestions, but I'd love to see a celeb styling of the week... maybe do inspiration boards or dress yourself based on the style of Jen Aniston one week... Nicole Ritchie the next etc...
    Just a thought! :-)

  2. Shiree,
    Thanks for the feedback and suggestions! Always enjoy hearing others thoughts and ideas!