Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Trending: Ponchos

This past weekend was spent in the city with friends and I will say, the city is gorgeous this time of year. Pretty leaves blowing around mixed with a fresh crispness in the air reminds me that the seasons are definitely slowly beginning to change here in Chicago.

With the changing of the seasons also comes a a little shift in my wardrobe. My ponchos (one of my favorite change of season staples) is becoming my best friend once again and I couldn't be happier. The only trick to wearing a poncho is balance. Because ponchos do have a tendency of being a little oversized it is key that you pair them with a less bulky bottom. Such as a skinny jean or legging. Some poncho inspiration below...


And me in my poncho after brunch on Sunday.

Hope the start of your week is going well!


  1. I LOVEE ponchos! Great post and thanks for sharing hun! Come by soon xx

  2. I love these looks. That first one is perfection (and I love her shoes!!!) YOurs is SO adorable!


  3. You look so cute!! Such a perfect fall outfit :)