Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Newest Revelation: Wallpaper

I stopped by our friends new home yesterday afternoon to catch up with my girlfriend, and to take a peek at their new place! As she showed me around their beautiful new house I couldn't help but notice the walls. In almost every room there was at least one wall that had been wallpapered.

Up until yesterday (I know, I am a little late on this) wallpaper instantly made me think of the 90's and awful pink and blue florals. Well...after seeing how amazing our friend's walls looked, and how it really transforms a room, I have completely changed my mind! I am already scouting out some potential walls in our home. Some gorgeous ideas below...

I really love this! It adds some serious fun to an otherwise plain staircase...

 Could also try utilizing wallpaper on other unexpected things, such as on an old filing cabinet...

Thinking about adding wallpaper to your home? Here is a simple article on how to install it.


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