Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Rekindled Love...

Hi guys! It's been WAY too long, however since I've been gone I have rekindled an old love...reading! I am now asking myself, what have I been waiting for!? Our weekend back at home was very low key so I had lots of time to cozy up by the fire with a warm cup of coffee, and become a little book worm. Lets just say my ibooks app on my ipad has quickly become my new best friend.

Here is a list of some books I have been reading lately...

The Happiness Project-I know this one has been around for a while but I really did like it. It gives some good insight and tips on how to make daily life more enjoyable for yourself and your family. I am now inspired to start my own Happiness Project!

Heaven is For Real-I don't talk about it as often as I should, but I am a strong Christian and I love God. My dad recommended this book to me, and even if you are not Christian, you should definitely consider picking it up. It is an incredible true story about a little boy who dies and goes to heaven, and miraculously comes back to life. It gave me chills all the way through and reconfirmed my faith, that heaven is for real.

Madame Chic-This is a little bit of a lighter read but I did enjoy it. I am always intrigued with other cultures and their way of life so when I came across Madame Chic, I was instantly interested. This woman lived in Paris during college and she later writes this book to capture what it was like to live there-as well as how she has embraced French living even after her return to the states. It hits on simplifying different aspects of your life and learning to appreciate art, music, and good food. Just like the French!

The War of Art-I am still in the process of reading this one but so far so good. For all you creatives out there who struggle with fear and resistance this book is for you. This guy discusses (very honestly) the different reasons why some creatives are often unable to reach their full potential. He goes into detail on how to combat these struggles and how he has personallly overcome any resistance that has stood in his own creative path.
Beauty by Lauren Conrad-I have her style book so figured I would check out her newest book, Beauty. This girl impresses me with her numerous businesses, and to be honest this book actually impressed me as well. It is full of good tips and reminders of how we should be taking care of ourselves. Hair, body, skin, and mind. A good, entertaining, and easy read for a car ride home this holiday season.

See, I had a lot of time on my hands this past weekend, but took very few pictures! This one however was my first glimpse out my window on Thanksgiving morning. Love my parent's house.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend with family and friends! And please share any book suggestions you may have! In need of some more good reading material. Have a great week!



  1. aww love these books Morg! I really want to read Heaven is for Real! I've heard great things. Make sure to enter my giveaway today! ;) xo
    Hope you are well! Miss you doll!

  2. I just got the book The Happiness Project! I'm so excited to read it!! Glad to hear you enjoyed it!!