Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Starting your own business...

It is so blatantly obvious that the blogging community is full of talented small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. Just take a look at the list of blogs you follow. I am sure you will find many young women who have started their own event planning businesses, their own online clothing shops, or are self made photographers. However it can be rather terrifying for those of us who are yet to launch our dream business. I recently found this article that I think offers some valuable tips and suggestions for first time business owners. Here are my three favorites...

Focus. Focus. Focus.Many first-time entrepreneurs feel the need to jump at every "opportunity" they come across. Opportunities are often wolves in sheep's clothing. Avoid getting side-tracked. Juggling multiple ventures will spread you thin and limit both your effectiveness and productivity. Do one thing perfectly, not 10 things poorly. If you feel the need to jump onto another project, that might mean something about your original concept

Know what you know, what you don't know and who knows what you don't.No one knows everything, so don't come off as a know-it-all. Surround yourself with advisors and mentors who will nurture you to become a better leader and businessman/woman. Find successful, knowledgeable individuals with whom you share common interests and mutual business goals that see value in working with you for the long-term.

Learn under fire.No business book or business plan can predict the future or fully prepare you to become a successful entrepreneur. There is no such thing as the perfect plan. There is no perfect road or one less traveled. Never jump right into a new business without any thought or planning, but don't spend months or years waiting to execute. You will become a well-rounded entrepreneur when tested under fire. The most important thing you can do is learn from your mistakes--and never make the same mistake twice.

And look the part...


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  1. love the business-infused looks. i feel like if i were wearing an outfit like that, i could take on the world! :)