Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Vail Bound

We have decided to go on a somewhat impromptu getaway to Vail this weekend. I am in LOVE with Colorado and can't wait to breathe in some fresh mountain air. I am looking forward to some morning hikes, shopping, and of course some yummy meals and wine! I may be jumping the gun a little bit here, as i still have some packing to do!

Packing seems to always be a major issue for me. I always OVER pack and then on my arrival realize I have nothing to wear. I of course have plenty to wear, I am just never satisfied with my choices. I find myself wishing I had brought that other pair of shoes, or that other jacket. Can you guys relate to this, or am I just crazy?  Or perhaps both! With the hopes of being completely content with my choices I have created a few outfit boards to keep me on track with my packing later this evening. Any suggesstions from any packing experts?

For the Plane. I always like to have my big tote, a little jacket, and an over sized scarf. It's always freezing on the planes! And I think my palazzo pants will be the perfect comfortable but cute pant!

I know...again with polka dots! But I have a skirt similar to this that I just bought at Forever and think it is a must have for this trip.

I have a feeling this may be a very active trip, being it is Colorado. I am sure we will be doing lots of hiking, biking and walking.Although this is not my outfit of choice, I am trying to plan ahead for once!
 A couple maxi dresses, my yellow jeans, and a few blazers and I think I will be good to go! What do you guys think? Am I missing anything for a Colorado vacay?? Are any of you going away for the long weekend? Would love to hear about it!



  1. Love the second outfit , so chic !

  2. I can related 100%! I will say that I've gotten better about it recently, though. If you lay out each outfit you will need, accessories & shoes included, and pack only those plus maybe one alternate outfit, you should be good to go! Plus, if you do this, then you know what you're wearing each day/night and it makes the getting ready process a little bit smoother :) Have so much fun in Vail!

    xoxo, me

    1. Such great advice!!! Fingers crossed I have what I need..if not I am always up for a shopping trip! Have a great weekend!