Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday: The Perfect Flower Arrangement

One of my favorite things to add to our home are fresh flowers. There is something about them that really makes a house feel more like a home. Now that summer is upon us, I look forward to taking my weekly trips to at our local farmers market, picking some pretty flowers, and attempting to make some gorgeous arrangements. The key word there is "attempt."

As much as I would love for my arrangements to look like this...
Or like this...
Or this...
The only problem is that they end up looking like this!

I stumbled upon this short video over at LA in Bloom. It is a little tutorial that provides a few basic tips and suggestions when building the perfect arrangement! Watch the video here and let me know what you think!XO


  1. Haha. I definitely feel your pain, as that's what mine look like as well! It's better than no fresh flowers at all though!

    1. Ha yes, that is true! The little tutorial gave me some helpful hints!

  2. Beautiful blooms! I love fresh flowers :)

  3. Goodness yes, I need that video! My flower arranging skills are way less than perfect :).