Friday, November 15, 2013

Lois Loves Will: An Introduction to My New Clothing Line

Oh my! It has been far too long since I have posted over here, but today I happened to log in and was inspired to come back and do a little update.

Life has lately been consumed with the shop, and my newest venture. My clothing line. It is called Lois Loves Will and is named after my wonderful, and very much loved grandparents who have passed on. I have never stopped missing my grandparents, and I know I never will, but a piece of my heart feels good knowing that I will be honoring their legacy by naming my line after them.

It was important to me to have both of them be part of the line somehow. So one weekend while I was back home, I dug out old documents of theirs and searched high and low for clear signatures. Hoping and praying to find one clear enough to use for my logo. Sure enough I did, and my grandmother's actual "L" and my grandfather's actual "W" are on my logo and my label, which of course will be on every piece of clothing. A small gesture and thank you for the endless love and support they provided me through out the years.

Here is a glimpse at the very first Lois Loves Will creation. Meet the winter maxi dress. All pieces were made with love in the USA and come in black and grey, with gold zipper sleeve details. You can find them here.

Have an amazing weekend!

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